Our software

We put together your ideal toolstack and figure out how to best put it to use in practice.

That's why we would like to introduce our own toolstack to you, as this allows you to get an idea of what a collaboration would look like.


Airtable is a cloud-based spreadsheet programme. Excel on steroids, so to say. Our Airtable environment covers a lot of different bases: backing up the customer database, incoming data from forms, ...

From Airtable we can quickly and easily push our master data to other tools.

Office 365

For both internal and external communication we use the Office 365 toolsuite. Documents are sent to you either in Word or Excel format.
A videocall with Digicount will take place in Microsoft Teams.


Digicount is a certified Teamleader partner. We use this tool for customer relationship management: we can safely and easily manage client data in one central place.
Our invoices are also generated in Teamleader. They are easy to read, and at the bottom you will find a convenient payment button that allows you to pay an invoice in just a few clicks.

Zoho: sign

Zoho: sign is an e-signing tool that allows you to sign documents in accordance with the strictest eIDAS regulation. The tool automatically generates the required certificate that accompanies a signature.

Coming soon: Bizantium

Bizantium is Digicount's latest start-up project. This online financial plan generator helps pre-starters to draw up their financial plan digitally.
With the help of an e-signing module, an AI chatbot from Bothive and countless useful features, you establish your company in no-time.