Our offering for your company

Based on 3 pillars

Our offering for your start-up

  • Your personal guide


    Starting your own business is a great adventure. One in which you have to work your way through the jungle of laws, rules and formalities. Fortunately, Digicount can help you with that - just like an experienced tour guide.

  • Get to know us free of charge


    From the first - free - introductory meeting, we help you on your way to starting up your business. While we take care of the administration, you can concentrate on what really counts.

Ready to take the next step for your start-up?

Over the years, we have built up a lot of experience in analysing start-ups in different sectors. Our consultants can help you in all kinds of areas to give your start-up a boost:

  • Evaluate, develop, support
  • Strong financial planning
  • Digital marketing
  • Business process optimisation

The next step: growth & expansion

  • Efficient growth


    The mantra of every entrepreneur? Eyes on the ball!

    As a growth company, we give you the space and insight to focus on your core activities. We do this by relieving you of the entire financial process. We make sure you don't have to lose any sleep over booking invoices or drawing up the balance sheet.

  • A fresh look from the outside


    Based on your accounting, we can better understand and boost your business.

    How is your business doing? Margins on the low side? Are you generating sufficient cash flow? Are you achieving your targets (and do you have any targets at all)?

    We do not profile ourselves as an accountant but as a part-time CFO. That's how you really get the most out of our collaboration.

High time to continue growing scalably?

Is your business growing profitably? Can your internal growth keep up with your external growth? And how exactly is that growth defined in your case?

Our management consultants guide companies through a growth phase by devising the right growth strategy. We look at your company as a whole and analyse how you are doing in these four areas:

  • Sales
  • Organisation & structure
  • Human resources
  • Finance

Consulting: reinforce your business with personalised advice

  • Process optimization & advice


    Efficiency of business processes is the key to your business. Our goal is to make existing processes more efficient and effective. We do this by digitizing and formalizing your business processes. In addition, we introduce tools that provide maximum support for your core business.

  • Training & coaching


    At Digicount, we believe in information as the basis for smooth daily operations.

    That's why we make sure to spend enough time on training your staff.

    This happens during our optimisation projects, but we can also train users within their daily job. In this way, every employee can work smoothly and autonomously with the tools in your company.

Get the help of an expert!

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.Michael Porter

You can call on Digicount consultants:
  • in the temporary absence of one of your employees
  • so as not to jeopardize the continuity of the finance department
  • to carry out a well-defined temporary project

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